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Accelerate Your Leadership.

The media headlines are screaming...​

“Workplace wellness doesn’t work.”

“Workplace wellness programs don’t improve employee health.”

“Why wellness programs don’t work so well.”

It doesn’t feel good for our profession to be called out, does it? As a wellness pro, you set out to make an impact. You’re passionate about wellness and helping your employees succeed.

In response to this research, as wellness professionals we have 3 options:

  • Act like the newest wellness research doesn’t exist and keep on doing what we’re doing.
  • Acknowledge the research but discredit the findings and keep on doing what we’re doing.
  • Understand the research and take action to explore new avenues, ask fresh questions and build new skills.

The first two options are definitely the easiest but they won’t help us evolve and elevate our industry beyond the “wellness doesn’t work” headlines.To me, the third option is the only sustainable choice for us and our profession.


Maybe you don’t know how to articulate the value wellness brings. Maybe you know you need to get out of your silo and make new connections. Maybe you enjoy what you do and don’t see the need to change things up.

  • Want to help evolve our industry?
  • Want to impact more lives?
  • Want to grow personally and professionally

If so, then we’ve got a solution for you!



Redesigning Wellness Academy (RWA) is a 6 month training that includes 19 live sessions (8 of these with guest speakers).

The best way to describe RWA is:

  • 1 part knowledge
  • 1 part building your leadership skills
  • 1 part community

At the end of the 6 months you’ll walk away with….

  • A more evolved and higher impact wellness program
  • The confidence to start new conversations within your organization
  • Tactical and practical ideas that can elevate your wellness program
  • Allies who will help support your wellness strategy
  • Persuasive communication strategies that resonate with leadership (and beyond)
  • Support from like-minded wellness pros (and a tribe rooting you on)
  • A value proposition that resonates with your leadership

Each month (for 6 months) you’ll get….

Tangible Ways to Expand your Wellness Program

New and tangible ideas from subject matter experts on how to expand your wellness program outside of the physical realm and into the different dimensions of wellbeing (remember, every part of wellness is interconnected!) Format – live webinars – 45 to 60 minutes content; 15 to 30 minutes Q&A – direct access to experts (i.e. this isn’t a zone out webinar)

Monthly Mentoring on Critical Skills

Format – 60 minute live meetings where there is content and discussion. Jen will lead you through steps to take to gain influence and support for wellness within your organization. You will be asked to take some action steps from each session and apply them in your organization.

A Supportive Community

It’s hard and scary to challenge the way we always do things, especially if you work in or with an organization or client who doesn’t want to evolve. That’s why you need support! All Academy members will be in a private group where we can gain support when we have challenges and celebrate our wins. Our Community is a judgement free zone where everyone has a voice.

Office Hours

The 1st Wednesday of each month (starting in February), Jen will hold a live Zoom 60-minute session to answer any questions, discuss any challenges and celebrate wins. Office Hours are limited to 20 people per session. Additional Office Hour sessions will be added as needed. All sessions will be recorded and made available to all Academy members.

Member Discounts

All academy members receive a 10% discount to other Redesigning Wellness trainings. This includes Everyday Resilience, Next Generation Wellness: From Theory to Practice and other trainings released in 2020.

Academy Schedule

(all times are 2 pm EST)​

In this engaging and interactive kickoff session, Jen will explore the mindset needed to take action on what you’ll learn over your 6 months in the Academy. She’ll also spend time reviewing what you can expect as an Academy student and answer any questions that come up.

Organizational and career success requires strong and respectful hierarchical relationships. On average, most people, whatever their title or position, spend more time and energy reporting to people above them than having people report to them.

In this interactive talk from Mary Abbajay, participants learn how to increase cooperation and collaboration between those who have different power levels and perspectives.

Managing Up helps participants consciously develop highly effective relationships with their supervisors, and learn to obtain the best possible results for themselves, their boss, their peers and their organization.

About Mary

Mary Abbajay, author of the best-selling Managing Up: How to Move Up, Win at Work, and Succeed with Any Type of Boss is the president of Careerstone Group, LLC, a full service organizational and leadership development consultancy that delivers leading-edge talent and organizational development solutions to business and government.

As a sought-after author, speaker, consultant, and trainer, Mary helps clients develop the strategies, skills and sensibilities needed for success in the 21st century. Her expertise lies in helping clients create dynamic and productive workplaces that foster professional and personal excellence and growth.

Mary is a frequent expert contributor for television, radio and print publications where she provides practical leadership and career advice. In addition to her role as a contributor, her work and advice have appeared in the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, The Financial Times, Money Magazine, Southwest Airlines Magazine, Monster, and the BBC.

In 2010, Mary was named as one of Washington Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business and was a Smart CEO Brava Award recipient in 2017.

A healthier, happier workforce is good for people, good for the bottom line and essential for building winning teams.

Meanwhile, most leaders continue to view wellness as being outside of their scope, disconnected from the bottom line, and something to be addressed by HR. But, the research repeatedly suggests that the extent to which employees are well when they are at work largely comes down to leadership commitment – especially managers.

This talk outlines the critical role that every team leader plays in embedding wellness into the fabric of business as usual, the specific steps that each can take to become a Multiplier of Well-Being, and what you can do to activate your managers to spark a “middle-out” movement of well-being!

About Laura

Laura Putnam, author of Workplace Wellness That Works (WILEY, 2015), is CEO and founder of Motion Infusion.

Her work has been covered by MSNBC, The New York Times, US News & World Report, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and NPR.

She is a former urban public high school teacher, international community organizer, dancer, gymnast and now a movement-builder in the world of health and wellness.

Laura is the recipient of the American Heart Association’s “2020 Impact” award as well as the National Wellness Institute’s “Circle of Leadership” award. She also served as the Chair of the American Heart Association’s Greater Bay Area 2020 Task Force.

A graduate of Brown University and Stanford University, Laura lives in San Francisco with her fiancé.

Jen Arnold will hold a live Zoom session for RWA students to ask questions, work through challenges, or work through any of the information that has been presented.

You have a powerful message and you know it well. But that alone is not enough. You have to be able to articulate that message in a clear and succinct way. And it shouldn’t just inform the audience; it needs to prompt them to take the desired action. That takes your message from purely informative to being persuasive communication: Pushing the audience to act.

So how do you get there?

In this training, we’ll explore how you communicate effectively to gain audience buy-in. We’ll do this by walking through the four-step approach to crafting a simple message, capturing your audience’s attention and remaining top of mind. In addition, we’ll talk through the strategies to share this message in the form of a story.

As a result, you will finish this training with the skills and confidence to craft a clear message that not only communicates your point effectively, but also persuades the audience to take action on what they’ve learned.

About Jeff

Known to many as Mr. Persuasion, Jeff Tippett wrote the book on persuasive communications.

Speaking to international audiences through keynotes and seminars, Jeff helps attendees increase their effectiveness, gives them powerful tools to help reach their goals, and empowers attendees to positively impact their organizations or businesses.

His second book, Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communication Is The Only Force You Will Ever Need, boldly declares we all live or die based on our ability to persuade. It is an Amazon #1 best seller.

In 2014, Jeff founded Targeted Persuasion, an award-winning public affairs + communications firm. He has worked with renowned brands Airbnb, The National Restaurant Association, The League of Women Voters, The League of Conservation Voters, and numerous others. Other industry experts have validated Jeff’s work with numerous awards including the prestigious American Advertising Award.

Jeff is the host of Victory by Association, a podcast designed to share association success stories to help inspire association executives.

Jeff’s third book, Presidential Persuasion: The Future of Leadership in this New Decade of Millennial Ascendancy, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence, is scheduled for a February 2020 release. This book is designed to help leaders navigate the future of work and leadership in 2020 and beyond.

The heart and soul of Jeff’s presentations is the emotional story he tells of adopting his youngest daughter from Haiti as the country’s government collapsed. Through this near-death experience of navigating civil unrest and institutional bureaucracy in a third-world nation, Jeff learned valuable lessons in how to persuade others without ever manipulating. Jeff unpacks these secrets of the superpower of persuasion in every presentation.

Jen Arnold will hold a live Zoom session for RWA students to ask questions, work through challenges, or work through any of the information that has been presented.

In this eye-opening webinar you will receive a practical 3-step framework and concreate strategies to achieve your employee and organizational mental wellbeing goals.

Together, we apply best practice support strategies to increase employee engagement and create a supportive stigma-free culture within your organization.

You’ll walk away with tools and immediate strategies to support your employees’ mental health & safety.

About Mettie

Mettie Spiess is a global workplace mental health expert, Nationally Certified
Corporate Health Coach, and the Founder of A World Without Suicide.

She earned her nicknames “tiny but mighty” and “a stigma crusher”
consulting for and training some of the world’s most influential organizations
including The US Intelligence Command Center and the Department of
Defense (DOD).

Twenty industries across seven countries have successfully utilized her
innovative Voice. Value. Vigilance. process to proactively support
employee mental well-being, reduce turnover, and increase team

In 2016 the National Alliance on Mental Illness awarded Mettie the Education
Advancement Award for her work to end the stigma associated with mental
illness. The impact principals delivered in her signature trainings are based
on her nine years’ experience working with leaders to build resilient teams.

Jen Arnold will hold a live Zoom session for RWA students to ask questions, work through challenges, or work through any of the information that has been presented.

To believe in the incredible benefit of treating employees as the vibrant individuals that they are is to understand that each employee has embarked on a unique personal financial journey. The time has come to think bigger about our financial wellness programs in the workplace. An effective financial wellness program needs to encompass the needs of a dynamic workforce and provide education and resources for individuals of all ages and stages of their careers.

There are so many engaging ways to make improving the financial wellness of employees a part of a company’s culture. When employees are managing their paycheck’s effectively, they can be focused, productive and creative assets to a company so that the company can thrive and everyone can win.

This presentation will discuss what is and is not working in corporate financial wellness for employees and what we can do to improve our programs. We will dive into setting the tone, cultivating the environment, assessing employees’ needs, building a team of professionals to serve your employees, resources to assist employees, creative ideas for programming, marketing the program and making the program sustainable so that employees can get the support they need year-round.

About Shane

Shane Robson-Smith is a certified financial counselor, NACCC certified Student Loan specialist and the founder of Workplace Money Coach, Inc. Shane considers himself a regular ol’ Joe that discovered the importance of good money management at an early age.

He and his wife had big ideas about the abundant life they wanted to lead but found themselves buried under a new mortgage payment, $20,000 in consumer debt and over $100,000 in student loans leaving them broke and living paycheck-to-paycheck. Together, they used the vision they had for their married life to start living below their means, stuck to a budget, paid off their debt, and started saving and investing for future goals. Today, Shane enjoys an active lifestyle, building his dream business, traveling internationally with his wife and three kids and is on course to retire more than 10 years earlier than most working folks these days.

Shane started sharing his story at businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area of Florida to help empower employees to maximize their paychecks so that they could take control of their financial lives. He continues to build Workplace Money Coach and has financial coaches across the country that facilitate his “Living Paycheck to Purpose” financial empowerment program at workplaces big and small.

Jen Arnold will hold a live Zoom session for RWA students to ask questions, work through challenges, or work through any of the information that has been presented.

This session will share insights from Gallup’s extensive research on the topic of Career Well-being. Additionally, success stories and examples from best practice organizations will highlight actions your organization can take to boost Career Well-being.

About Nate

Nate is Director of Client Advice and Research at Gallup. In his role he partners with organizations to create stronger identities in the minds of their employees and customers. His work has led clients to create more mission driven organizations, defined unique brands and brand experiences, and develop strong, performance-focused cultures. He has worked with global clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, technology, financial services, agriculture, hospitality, and education sectors.

Nate received his bachelor’s degree in business administration with concentrations in human resources management and business law from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He received his master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Jen Arnold will hold a live Zoom session for RWA students to ask questions, work through challenges, or work through any of the information that has been presented.

About Rachel

Through dynamic keynote speeches, workshops and leadership training, Rachel energizes and engages your workforce, equip high-impact leaders and enhance wellbeing and performance. She brings out what’s best in people and organizations, so that people can thrive at work and at home and live bold, unmuted lives.

Happier, healthier, higher performing employees have a direct impact on your bottom line and boost
recruitment, retention, engagement and your brand image, helping you become an employer of choice.


super Early bird pricing

October 16 to November 16, 2019
$ 595

early bird pricing

November 17 to December 31, 2019
$ 795

Full registration

January 1 to 31, 2020
$ 995

Need help making the case for your organization pay? Download our Justification Document Below:

Business Case Justification Document

Program runs January 15 - July 1, 2020

3x Monthly Payment Plan


1x Single Payment



Redesigning Wellness Academy is a six-month program with three learning opportunities per month. The content is focused on three things:

  1. Incorporating multiple dimensions of wellness into your programming;
  2. Learning and practicing the skills needed to get more decision makers to actively champion wellness;
  3. Building a community for additional support.

Next Generation Wellness: From Theory to Practice is a nine-week, live program for those who want to get unstuck from the traditional wellness practices of incentives, weight loss programs, and a biomedical approach.

The main differences between the two are depth and focus. Are you (or is your organization) ready to move beyond traditional wellness? Then Next Generation Wellness may be for you. Do you want to start including multiple dimensions of wellness in your or your client’s program? Then the Redesigning Wellness Academy may be a better fit. Want to talk with someone to talk over the programs, use our contact page.

The first Wednesday of each month Jen Arnold will hold a live Zoom session for RWA students to ask questions, work through challenges, or work through any of the information that has been presented. Office hours are limited to 20 people. Additional Office Hour sessions will be scheduled if there is  demand. All Office Hour sessions will be recorded and made available to all students.

Each month, Jen Arnold will present a session on building influence within your company. She will present for 20 to 30 minutes, then lead a discussion to help you put the steps into action.

Although there aren’t credits available, you will receive a certificate that you can use to submit for credits on your own.

A schedule of events is listed above.

Yes, each presenter will train for 45 to 60 minutes and then address questions. Questions can also be sent in ahead of time for the speaker to address.

Yes, and it will be highly encouraged. During each strategy session, you’ll work with other participants to discuss the content Jen will be teaching. In addition, you’ll have access to a platform where you can post messages, add to a conversation or connect with others in the Academy.

Yes, you can pay in full at the time of registration or in three installments.

Each month, you’ll be asked to complete Field Work. This is a survey that uncovers what action you took, challenges you faced and questions you may have. This is required to receive the participation certificate.